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Why use Marie Bailey

  • Our process is not sales driven; our interest is in the correct match of employee and employer
  • We have access to many hundreds of candidates at all levels of experience and skill bases. We also have a strong list of recently trained and qualified people and commercially trained recent school leavers.
  • We work with some candidates over a period and have a great idea of their character and personality, which makes it easy for us to match the best suitable person to your requirements. Studies have shown that if you get the right personality match you will retain that member of personnel longer, which means a great deal to us, as we want to get it right for you! We like to get to know our clients and will spend some time getting to know you and to understand your environment so we can find the ideal match.
  • Every candidate is interviewed in depth. This is not only to discuss their work history, but about them, as people, including their goals, dreams, their background and their key strengths. You can tell a lot about a person from learning about their non work related background.

If your company is growing rapidly or if your organisational structure has become outmoded, we can further offer Management Consultancy and/or Project Management to revamp your Business Plan and company structure, then train new people to shoehorn into new roles with minimal active input  from  your business as usual team.

Testing Candidates

We have the best possible testing equipment for IT skills, secretarial skills etc. as our partner company (SOUTERS) is a fully accredited training and official testing station for City and Guilds, CILEx, Microsoft and Certiport etc. if you have your own candidate and they don't meet your full requirements we can arrange related training for you.

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