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About Us

Marie Bailey has a unique, dynamic and sharp edged approach to how we work.

Our professionals have many years experience training and improving performance of PA’s and other office support staff, they know what the job needs and who is best to fit any given job opportunity.

We are not typical recruiters and do not place undue pressure on our clients as we are not primarily sales focussed; we are focussed on the end result being a happy candidate working for a satisfied employer.

We are interested in placing our people and getting the right match so that both candidate and employer get what they need; this is where our priority is focussed. Anything else follows.

Where needed, we can provide candidates with suitable training to improve their office, administration, secretarial and PA skills provided by our excellent team of talented professional trainers.

We can also provide management consultancy incorporating business plan, key staff recommendations then training new personnel to fit into new structures as recommended.

Our associate company was founded in 1988 provides training services for quality organisations within London and the surrounding areas with high profile clients too numerous to list.

Please get in touch anytime with any enquiries

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